Firstly, they need to know it exists, so be sure to make your beneficiaries and/or family aware of it - and of course your chosen appointed guardians if you have children. They need to know the name of the insurance company, your insurance policy number, and what help and assistance is available to them. This can be as simple as sending them a photo or scan of the insurance certificate (policy documents). It is also a good idea to make a will and/or keep a record of your assets which can be found by your beneficiaries if/when you die.


Secondly, after your life insurance is activated, you need to tell the insurance company who you want to receive your insurance amount if you unexpectedly die young. This can be one person, or several people, even a charity or other legal entity, and you can give specific instructions on how to spilt it if you have more than one chosen beneficiary (it doesn’t have to be equal splits, you can assign a set percentage to each). If you are single and don’t have any children, this is usually super-simple – just a quick short form to sign (digitally is fine) and email to the insurance company. If you are a couple and want to “link” your individual insurance policies, and/or if you have children, you may want to provide more detailed instructions which account for several different potential circumstances. We can help you do this, just ask us if you need any help.


In the event of death, any one of your chosen beneficiaries can then contact the insurance company, who will confirm their identity and proceed to help them with all the legal processes involved to recover and repatriate your body, as well as pay out the insurance amount in accordance with the instructions you had previously given. A list and description of all the additional support provided is here: All of this can be done even if you haven't given any beneficiary instructions to the insurance company, it's just a lot easier and quicker for them if you have.


Upfront payment of 10% of the total amount insured, plus money to cover any and all expenses relating to recovering and repatriating your body is paid to your beneficiaries almost immediately. The remaining balance is paid after all legal formalities have been completed, which usually takes between 30-90 days depending on the specific circumstances and jurisdictions involved, and can be sent to any bank account worldwide, as long as it is in the name of the nominated beneficiary (or beneficiaries).


More specific details of the claims process can be found here: