We don't need any actual documents, we just need some of the information on the documents, which you can type in to the online form. Most of this is covered by normal personal details - name, nationality, date of birth etc - and we also need to know your passport number and the country which issued it. This is used for confirming your identity when you need medical treatment. 


After your life insurance policy is set up and you are choosing beneficiaries for your life insurance policy – the people who will receive the money if you unexpectedly die young, and/or the people who will be conducting the relevant legal processes if you unexpectedly die young – you don’t have to provide ID for them, but we do recommend it. The simple reason for this is that the more information you provide to the insurance company, the easier and quicker it is for them to verify the person(s) they are dealing with in the event of a claim, which ultimately will help out the beneficiaries you nominate.