Yes – but there are some rules, which fall into the “anti-money-laundering” and “anti-credit-card-fraud” categories. Basically, if there is a good reason and it’s documented, it’s fine. The most common examples of this are employers paying for the life insurance policies of their staff, and people paying for life insurance in the name of their spouse, child, or parent.


So you can ask your employer to pay for your life insurance, and if you have generous family members, you can ask them too! If you want to check what would and/or wouldn’t be allowed, just message us and outline what you’re thinking of, and we’ll tell you if it’s permitted or not and/or what the required documentation would be. Generally speaking, if the payment is being made by a credit or debit card in someone else’s name, confirmation of the cardholder identity and confirmation that it is in fact them wishing to make the payment (i.e. confirming that the card hasn’t been stolen etc) is all that’s needed.