We are the number one provider of life insurance to nomads worldwide! We highlight one life insurance policy only, the one we think is the best, the one we use for our own life insurance, which is issued by Regency Assurance, an international insurance company specialising in providing insurance to long-term expatriates and international digital nomads in over 120 countries worldwide.


Launched by a team of financial professionals with years of experience living as expatriates and digital nomads, the goal of LifeInsuranceForNomads is to help our fellow global nomads understand the importance of putting in place even a small amount of life insurance coverage from a specialist nomad-focussed insurance company, highlight the solutions we think are best for nomads like ourselves, and as an authorised agent of Regency we are able to help you understand how it works, get your life insurance set up, as well as provide ongoing service and support when requested. To be clear, we are not an “affiliate marketer” of Regency – we’re a fully authorised distributing introducer, advisor, and servicing agent, with the authority and approval to help you purchase your insurance policy (or policies), advise on the products they offer and how you can benefit from them, and act as an independent financial intermediary throughout the duration of your life insurance policy, and beyond.


In addition to LifeInsuranceForNomads, we also operate a number of other financially-focussed websites for global nomads, with the very specific aim of helping you optimise your finances as a nomad, so you can live your best life and maximise your potential. We are not focussed on you – we are focussed on Future You!