Firstly, LifeInsuranceForNomads does not hold or handle your money – all money you pay for your insurance policy goes directly to the insurance company (Regency), and all claims are paid directly from the insurance company to your nominated beneficiaries.


Secondly, only you can provide instructions to the insurance company in relation to your life insurance policy. We can and will help you if you need assistance with the setup of your policy and instructions, but we can only help you do it, we can’t do it for you or instead of you. So even if LifeInsuranceForNomads stopped all business activities, it would not affect your life insurance policy in any way.


Thirdly, we have put in place all relevant security processes in relation to the handling of your personal data – our IT systems, including our website and communications, are provided by well-known and highly reputable multinational companies which encrypt and secure your personal data, stored in a GDPR-compliant EU-based data centre. We only retain access to the data we need in order to provide a great service to you, and we have strong internal controls relating to which staff can access potentially sensitive personal data.